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Recently, we've taken up the exciting sport of Golf!

It's quite a learning experience, and it's already clear what  the obsession is with this game!

There are a few vendors that we have done business with at this early stage:

GigaGolf, Inc.

This site sells high quality "generic" clubs that are designed to mimic the performance characteristics and general appearance of well-known big-name clubs costing many, many times more!  The clubs are well reviewed at al sources we could find - nary a negative comment about GigaGolf clubs!



This place personalizes golf balls, and towels, and hats, and bags; just about everything that could be personalized!  They also sell other, name-brand golf items, including all of the aforementioned (personalization is optional) as well as clubs, practice aids, and all the associated golf accoutrements.


They have "Experienced" golf balls - used but of high quality!  This is great for the beginner where the "hit to loss ratio" on the course is closer to 1:1!  They also have an assortment of clubs, training aids, and accessories.


This isn't really a golf item, but it may come in handy nevertheless!


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